2022 Schiller Woods Preview

September 29, 2022
  • Here we go, the first of 7 events in the 2022 Chicago Cyclocross Cup. Please excuse any hiccups as we clear out the cobwebs and get back to business from 2019.
  • Did you hear the event is in SCHILLER WOODS Picnic Grove #12? Do NOT go to Caldwell Woods, or you’ll be late to your race!
  • We know its been chilly recently, but please plan on bringing as much water as you think you’ll need for the day… and then some. Though there are water pumps available in the park, they are not especially close or convenient to the course… although the course is across the street from a water pump famous enough to have a it’s very own wikipedia page. Drink at your own risk before racing!
  • Similarly – please plan to bringing enough food (and beer) to last through the day, as there will NOT be a food truck on premises. The Forest Preserve also requests (demands) that no alcohol is consumed within 50 feet of the parking lot. So bring your long tape measures.
  • For anyone looking to register same-day… don’t. Please pre-reg on Thanks to everyone who has done so already! If for some reason you can’t find a working Internet connection to BikeReg… please bring exact change to the venue or be prepared to pay electronically via PayPal/Zelle to
  • Bonus reminder, only those pre-reg’d on BikeReg will be staged by their points.
  • At the request of the ladies for more competition, the front row of the Single Speed race will be split half & half women and men.
  • And finally… as this is a new venue for everyone, the finer details of course route, length, etc. are still being ironed out. Just point your Garmin, TomTom, GoogleMaps, dowsing rods, etc. to Schiller Woods Picnic Grove #12 Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60634 and listen for Kenny’s voice when you get close.
  • Let’s race hard and have fun!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20220927

September 27, 2022
  • Hey everyone! The 2022 Chicago Cyclocross Series begins this Sunday at SCHILLER Woods (Picnic Grove #12), hosted by xXx Racing-Athletico. Note the venue change to SCHILLER Woods and not Caldwell Woods. We can’t wait to see everyone at SCHILLER WOODS!
  • Online pre-reg closes Friday night 9/30/2022 at midnight, but please don’t wait until the last minute.
  • We’ll have more info posted Thursday for the course preview.
  • And finally… a friendly reminder to please make sure you have your bikes tuned up, tyres filled with air, USAC licenses renewed, online waivers initialed within BikeReg, and gear bags ready. It’s been a while since we all raced with each other, so let’s get back into the rhythm.

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20220907

September 8, 2022

  • A bunch of changes to note for 2022:
  • We have two related changes to the race day schedule. The Cat 3 time slot will now be Cat 3/4 and the Cat 4/5 time slot at the end of the day will now be just Cat 5.
  • We’re keeping the Masters age group races as open category (i.e. Cat 1-5) but will unofficially score the Cat 4/5’s separately in the Series Overall Standings.
  • xXx Racing will host the first race of the series at Schiller Woods… not Caldwell Woods. Its not that far away, but please don’t show up to Caldwell Woods which is undergoing construction.
  • We unfortunately will not have leader’s jerseys for the series (inflation and supply chain issues affect everyone) but we will award winner’s jerseys at the end of the season.
  • Speaking of inflation, race entry prices have increased +$5 across the board and +$10 for juniors. The CCC has kept entry fees constant for a long, long time but need to increase to pay for lots of things. Want to race for cheaper? Get in touch with the race directors through BikeReg… they’re always looking for an extra volunteer hand on race day.
  • What’s NOT changing:
  • You know him, you love him, and this year he’s got a brand new, extended range wireless mic… Kenny Labbé is announcing the entire series from the ‘Not Reg’ tent. Send playlist requests his way.
  • We won’t have One2Go running the finish line camera this year, but our local rockstar Nikki Cyp (who ran timing for all our events over the past several years anyway) will be behind the ICA’s new FinishLynx camera providing timing and lap times. We won’t have LiveLynx live results, but you’ll still have your results emailed to you shortly after each race assuming your pre-reg’d with a valid email address.
  • Numbers on your left side, always.
  • Staging by points for the first race, then the first row (8 racers) by series points and everyone else by points. You need to be pre-reg’d with your correct USAC license number for us to pull in your CrossResults points. Day of Reg’d racers will be staged at the back, unless you’re in the top 8 (because we’re good at spreadsheets). We’ll post preliminary staging online the day before each event… please check at that time to make sure you’re staged properly, not the day of the race!
  • Email us at any time with questions, suggestions constructive criticism, praise, & random thoughts in the middle of the night. We don’t have a Patreon, although we do accept fine baked goods… just show up and race your hardest!
  • Good vibes, fair and enthusiastic competition… just like a big, weird, family.
  • And finally… Cross is almost here! Get yourself and your bike(s) ready now. Obviously, support your local bike shop(s)! Let’s have another great season and enjoy each other’s company on both sides of the course tape. See you soon!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20220823

August 23, 2022
  • Hey’all are you ready for cyclocross season? #crossiscoming
  • We’re still looking for a few Series Sponsors to help make the series go, so if you love the CCC and/or have some dollars burning a hole in your pocket… get in touch with us at!
  • Speaking of sponsors… longtime friend of and racer in the series, Paul Warloski has a coaching service called Simple Endurance Training and a new strength training e-book. Check him and it out online and at the races!
  • We realize it’s a little late in the season, and the CCC is not the decider here, but we have a website that lots of people look at with their eyeballs, so we’re helping get the word out. There are two entries being considered for the 2022 Illinois State Cyclo-cross Championships and the Illinois Cycling Association (ICA), who is the governing body that decides, needs your input. Team leaders/admins should have received an email about casting a vote by this Wednesday 8/24/2022, so if you haven’t received that email or cast your vote, please get in touch with the ICA ASAP.
  • Our CX friends down and mid-state in the Heartland of Illinois CX (HICX)series are running a “Dungaree competition”. Check it out, make some cool art, and win some cold hard cash dollars:
  • If you haven’t already reg’d… get on it!!! xXx Racing Relay Cross is THIS WEEKEND 8/28/2022 in Jackson Park at the usual spot.
  • Relay CX Transportation Logistics & Parking:
  • The Chicago Triathlon will be operating on Lakeshore Drive, the Lakefront Trail, and other roadways in and around downtown near the lakefront on Sunday. Plan accordingly and leave yourself PLENTY of time to get to Relay Cross.
  • All southbound lanes of Lakeshore Drive will be closed between Randolph Street and Hollywood Avenue between 5am and 12pm.
  • The Lakefront Trail will be clogged with Chicago Triathlon runners, aid stations, volunteers, and spectators between Randolph Street and 31st Street.
  • PARKING at Relay Cross:  Parking at Jackson Park for Relay Cross is available in the parking lot on the NORTH SIDE of Hayes Drive (6300 South) just west of Lakeshore Drive. Street parking may also be available. NO parking is available in the parking lot on the SOUTH SIDE of Hayes Drive just west of Lakeshore Drive. Relay Cross attendees may drop off equipment in the lot, but parking is not permitted. Parked vehicles will be ticketed and towed by the City of Chicago.
  • Let’s kick off the Chicagoland CX season in the best way possible. See you all this weekend!
  • And finally… we’re still getting over our 2 year COVID hangover, and making a few changes here and there to host the best series we possibly can. We’ll post updates and changes here in the weekly updates, but please make sure you review the schedule and rules/faqs pages to make sure you’re up-to-date. We’re excited to get back to a more “normal” season and can’t wait to see you all out at the races!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20220524

May 24, 2022

Hey’all… since we’re having more late Autumn weather than Spring… almost Summer weather… here are some tasty fresh updates for you before Memorial Day!

  • The tentative series schedule is posted over on the Schedule Page.
  • We’re considering making some changes to the race day schedule. Please provide us with some feedback and let us know what you like and don’t like (about the race day schedule) in the comments.
  • As with every year around this time we’re looking for series sponsors. If you have some cold hard cash or crypto burning a hole in your e-wallet and want to be involved in the best darn amateur bike race series in the country… get in touch with us!
  • And finally… we hope you’re all safe and healthy and enjoying riding your bicycles. We look forward to seeing everyone back on a more “normal” schedule this year! Enjoy the long Memorial Weekend!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 2021207

December 7, 2021

USA Cyclo-cross National Championships starts today at Cantigny Park in Weaton! 

There are still a bunch of “volunteer opportunities (i.e. we NEED your help!) available this week, mostly for course marshals and course crossing guards. Remember, every volunteer receives an admission wristband good for the entire race week, plus lunch, t-shirt, beanie hat, cow bell and other goodies.

Pick-up of online wristband purchases, or in-person purchases, will be at the official host hotel: Sheraton of Lisle all week through Friday, December 10, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Then at overflow parking at the DuPage County Complex on Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this event a reality and good luck to everyone racing, especially the Chicago Cyclocross Cup community!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20211123

November 23, 2021

Nationals is only two weeks away! It’s been a long road to get to this point and it’s actually happening, who’s excited?

Volunteer signup is open, We had over 100 people put their hands up to help and now you can. We need help both the week before the event and during. Remember, every volunteer receives an admission wristband good for the entire race week, plus lunch, t-shirt, beanie hat, cow bell and other goodies.

If you just want to come watch, you can purchase your admission wristbands online through December 6. Wristbands allow admission for all days of the event, ages 10 and up. Pick-up of online wristband purchases, or in-person purchases, will be at the official host hotel: Sheraton of Lisle beginning Monday, December 6 through Friday, December 10, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Then at overflow parking at the DuPage County Complex on Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

And finally, we wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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CCC Tuesday Updates – 2021116

November 16, 2021
  • Thanks to everyone who came out to Wheeling this past weekend for the final race of the 2021 un-series this year. We really appreciate everyone racing safe and taking the ongoing pandemic seriously. Hopefully in 2022 we’ll get back to “normal”.
  • Note that Region Riot CX is now the Midwest Regional Championships. The race is in 2 weeks over Thanksgiving weekend and Reg is open on BikeReg.

#CXNats is a month away! Volunteer roles/time slots were posted last week! If you haven’t signed-up to receive volunteer information, you can do it here:

Also, registration for team parking is still open. The regular spots (like you’d see at a CCC race) are available here.  But if you want to look or feel #pro, the large/pro team area is available to any team and can accommodate vehicles/trailers/etc… (sorry, no hot tubs).

Finally, sponsorships and/or space in the event expo is also still available. Get your company’s message to the masses, both in-person and on the live stream on FloSports!

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2021 Groundhog Psi-clocross Preview

November 4, 2021

Why is this race called Groundhog PSI-clocross? Well, in 1992 the downtown square of Woodstock, IL was used to film the movie Groundhog Day. Rob Curtis and the PSIMET crew have carried some parts of the movie into the venue.

  • Registration closes Friday at 10pm. There will be day of registration available at a higher price but only through BikeReg.
  • The race day schedule is different than usual. Novice/Cat 5 race is at 7:20am (reg opens at 6:30). Masters races have been split into 1/2/3 and 4/5. 3’s are now 3/4.
  • The last race of the day is call the “Spirit of the Forbie” race. Pronounced “4B”. It is an OPEN race so all categories and genders may now experience the last race of the day. Staging is in reverse order. With so many racing it we encourage everyone else to stay and give them something to experience.
  • Remember that Daylight Savings ends the morning of the race so be sure you have the right time!
  • There is plenty of parking throughout the park. As with all previous years there is NO PARKING ON THE GRASS. This is the strictest rule the park and city have for the facility. This also means no vehicles on the grass to drop off gear early in the morning <looks at masters teams>.
  • If you enter from either of the Park’s North entrances (Kishwaukee Valley Rd or Jackson St) then you can drive right up to the “tent city” field and drop off gear.
  • This park has “always” had a “no alcohol” policy. So when you bring in cups for your soda and lemonade PSIMET asks that you pack out what you bring in. It helps PSIMET make sure the park doesn’t think we’re a drinking series with a cycling problem if there aren’t a lot of juice boxes laying around.
  • FoodMario Kart food truck will be serving between 11 and 2:30
  • In “Groundhog Day” Diner fashion – Homemade pies made by Jill Stuck will be awarded on the podium to the winners. Team sponsor Begyle Brewing is also making sure winners don’t get thirsty.
  • Equipment Pits will be single width and will not use the orange fencing this year. There will NOT be any water or washing facilities at the race though, so if conditions look to be getting worse then please plan your own support accordingly. There are a couple of water spigots around the park that may or may not be in service .
  • There won’t be much if any daylight left after the last race ends, so please plan accordingly. Also if you can, please help PSIMET tear down the course so they aren’t doing it all in the dark.
  • Kids Race will be hosted by Parker Curtis and held at 2:00pm.
  • As another reminder, if you are pre-riding while anyone is finishing up, please make sure you are NOT inadvertently riding in front of people still racing. Just ride slowly behind them and offer words of encouragement or ring a cowbell. Thanks!
  • If you’re interested in looking over the filming locations for the movie there is a great map for self-guided tours here:
  • Remember to use #psiCX on Twitter and Instagram.
  • The course: similar to 2019 run Clockwise. Barriers. Up Heckle Hill. Off Camber. Woods. No sand.


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CCC Tuesday Updates – 20211102

November 2, 2021

Wow, its already November… that went fast! Thanks to everyone who has come out to race safely.

– Here’s a friendly PSA that as the weather turns colder and nastier, the officials need to see your bib number when being staged into the starting grid and One2Go absolutely must be able to see your bib number at the finish line in order to properly score you. So if you’re wearing a jacket at staging, make sure you pull it up so the officials can see your number, and if you’re wearing a jacket during the race make sure your bib number is pinned on the outside so One2Go can see who you are. Thanks!

– Unfortunately, Spidermonkey Cycling will not be running this year’s cyclocross race at Montrose. The team debated this decision for a while, and the reasons for canceling are multiple. Ultimately, the direct and indirect effects of COVID, plus the National CX Championships happening at the same time, all contributed to the decision to cancel. The Spidermonkeys hope the CCC community understands this decision and encourage everyone to pitch in and help out with the USA Cycling National Cyclo-cross Championships at Cantigny Park in Wheaton!

– That leaves 2 more local amateur races on the calendar, the first being Groundhog Psi-clocross hosted by Psimet in Woodstock this coming weekend and The George Garner Sr. Memorial CX Race host by the Northbrook Bicycle Club in Wheeling the weekend after.

– Speaking of, it takes a community to host a National Championship caliber event. The local organizing committee and the Dupage Sports Commission need some help. Plenty of volunteer spots available here, as well as info on hotels (ok locals will just in their own beds), sponsorship opportunities, admissions, and race info are here –>

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